KATO LockOne

KATO LockOne®

A Superior Locking Force

KATO’s NEW LockOne is a revolutionary positive locking product designed to prevent a standard nut from loosening under vibration. Upon tightening, the LockOne coils stretch, providing superior locking force. Unlike nuts with nylon or locking compounds, the KATO LockOne does not degrade with each use. Due to the unique LockOne design, the assembly is FOD free. Save on assembly cost! No expensive replacement nuts! The LockOne lightweight design is perfect for use on weight sensitive applications.

LockOne prevents the nut from loosening from the bolt!

LockOne Specs


LockOne fasteners underwent 30,000 cycle accelerated vibration testing in accordance with NAS3350 (National Aerospace Specification for impact type vibration test). In fact, even after 180,000 cycles the LockOne assembly remained tight! LockOne can be easily substituted into existing designs. LockOne is reusable, does not degrade with each cycle.

Design and Assembly

Designing in LockOne couldn’t be easier! Simply account for an extra three threads to the bolt length. That’s it! It’s compact nature allows for ease of use in designs with weight restrictions and maintenance schedules. When using any fastener with a degrading locking feature such as a locking compound or nylon built into the nut, replacements are needed during any maintenance as they can only be used once. With LockOne, this positive locking feature can be simply removed and reused. No extra stock needed!

KATO’s LockOne is fast and easy to install. No locking compounds to apply. A standard dodecagonal (12-Point) socket installs the LockOne at the same time as the nut, minimizing installation time. LockOne is adjustable and removable after installation with the same 12-point socket.

Made for the Environment

KATO’s LockOne is designed for harsh environments, without using any hazardous chemical coatings. Made from 304 Stainless Steel WPB, the LockOne is naturally corrosion resistant.

See KATO LockOne in action

LockOne Performance

KATO 3D-LockOne

LockOne surpasses the testing requirements of NAS3350 (National Aerospace Specification for impact type vibration test).

Bolt Pitch

Superior Force

Once positioned in front of nut, LockOne engages the bolt along pitch diameter inducing spring forces axially and radially. These forces hold LockOne in place, preventing bolts and nuts from loosening under vibration.

Installation is Easy!

KATO LockOne

Simply load the LockOne into the 12-Point socket.

KATO LockOne

Load the standard nut on top of the LockOne.

KATO LockOne

Tighten as normal.

KATO LockOne

If there is a gap between the LockOne and the nut, simply hand tighten the LockOne until it is flush with the nut..

Part Numbers

Example of a KATO LockOne part number:

KLO M - 4

   1    2   3

Tool Type
Thread Designation
Size Designation
KLO - KATO LockOne C - Coarse1
F - Fine1
M - Metric
See Table

Please Note:

  1. Contact KATO for unified sizes.
Thread Size KATO Part Number


All dimensions are for reference only.

LockOne Specs
KATO Part Number Technical Data Weight
KLOM-471.4.50.350.24 g
KLOM-581.6.60.400.24 g
KLOM-6102.0.70.500.45 g
KLOM-8132.5.88.630.95 g
KLOM-10173.01.05.751.79 g
KLOM-12193.51.23.882.83 g
KLOM-16244.01.401.004.78 g
KLOM-20305.01.751.259.39 g
KLOM-22325.01.751.2510.12 g
KLOM-24266.02.101.5016.21 g

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