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KATO Fastening Systems is the world's leading manufacturer of Tangless inserts and tools. No other company comes close to matching KATO’s technological capabilities. All KATO CoilThread tools work with Helicoil, Recoil, and Boellhoff inserts!

CoilThread, Tangless, and Tanged inserts

CoilThread Inserts

Tangless® and tanged CoilThread inserts are helically-coiled fastening devices that provide permanent, wear-resistant threads, exceeding the strength of most parent materials.


LockOne - New

A positive locking device designed to prevent a standard nut from loosening under vibration

KATO Linear Torque Arm

Linear Torque Arm - New

A torque reaction arm designed to install Tangless or tanged CoilThread inserts using any KATO Electric or Air installation tool.

Air Installation Tools

Air Tools

Prewinder pneumatic installation tools designed for medium to high volume users of Tangless and tanged CoilThread inserts.

KATO Prewinder Electric Tool (KPE), KATO Round Electric Tool (KRE), and KATO Hex Electric Tool (KHE)

Electric Tools

Prewinder electric Installation tools designed for medium to high volume users of Tangless and tanged CoilThread inserts.

Prewinder Hand Tools (KPH)

Hand Tools

Prewinder hand tools designed with precision and durability in mind for manual installation of CoilThread inserts.

Tangless Non-Prewinder Tool

Tangless Non-Prewinder Tool

Use the KATO Round Electric Tool with optional gage handle for manual installation (Non-Prewinder).

Removal and Extraction Tools for Tangless (2KRT) and Tanged Inserts (KRTV)

Removal Tools

Tools designed to remove Tangless CoilThread insert without damaging the internal STI threads or surface of the parent material. Extraction tools for tanged inserts are also available.

One Pawl Fits-All

One Pawl Fits All

An installation component that engages the Tangless drive notch, and is responsible for holding the insert as it threads into the the STI tapped hole.

Screw Thread Insert Taps

STI Taps

Designed specifically to create internal STI threads that will accommodate a CoilThread insert.

Screw Thread Insert Gages

STI Gages

Designed to check the accuracy of the internal thread of an STI tapped hole.

KATO Tang Break-Off Tool (KTBT)

Tang Break-Off Tool

Spring-loaded punch designed to cleanly remove the tang from conventional CoilThread inserts after installation.

KATO-Kits Screw Thread Inserts for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

KATO Perma-Coil® Thread Repair Kits

A superior method of repairing stripped threads in all types of materials.

Hexatorq Hinges (KH)

Hexatorq Hinges

A constant torque steel and resin hinge that offers position control solutions with mold-in options.

KATO Suretorq Hinges

Suretorq Hinges

A constant torque stainless steel hinge that offers position control solutions for lightweight applications.