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KATO Tangless® Inserts

The Original Inventor & Manufacturer of the Bi-Directional Tangless Insert

New Tangless sizes: 0-80, 1-64, M2, 7/16-20 & 1/2-20

KATO Fastening Systems continues to develop innovative new technology that pushes the envelop of wire insert manufacturing. As a result, and in response to customer needs, KATO Tangless inserts are now available from 0-80 to 1/2" for unified sizes and M2 to M12 for metric sizes.

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0-80 / 1-64 / M2 STI Taps STI Gages 7/16" & 1/2" Air Tools

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As technology moves forward, customer expectations and demands for higher quality fasteners is at an all time high. KATO revolutionized the industry with the introduction of the Tangless screw thread insert, the most advanced helically coiled screw thread insert in the market today.

Tangless CoilThread inserts are a continuous, helically-coiled, bi-directional, wire design. This innovative design allows for installation using a drive notch located at each end of the coil insert instead of a tang located at one end of the insert.

Because KATO Tangless inserts have a notch at both ends, this eliminates the need to orient the insert during installation and saves on production cost. But that's not all...

Once installed, KATO Tangless insert are identical in form, fit, and function to conventional tanged inserts (CoilThread, Helicoil, Recoil, etc.), and install into the same STI tapped holes.

In order for male threaded fasteners to properly be positioned into tanged inserts, the tangs have to be broken off. This increases total installation time and requires additional tooling, thus, resulting in higher installation cost. With Tangless CoilThread inserts this process is completely eliminated resulting in lower installation cost per hole.

In applications that require blind holes, tanged inserts require additional space below the insert in order to break-off the tang and not damage the parent material. When using Tangless CoilThread inserts the space between the insert and the bottom of the hole is greatly reduced. This leads to a reduction in size and weight of machined parts. Tangless CoilThread inserts are FOD-Free by design, so contamination from missed tangs is not possible.

Why go Tangless?

KATO Tangless CoilThread inserts require less overall installation time, and that means lower production costs. In fact, customer studies show that using KATO Tangless inserts can save from $0.15 - $0.50 per hole in labor costs!

KATO Tangless inserts can save thousands of dollars by eliminating the likelihood of damage to the machined part, and preventing the need to rework. KATO Tangless inserts can reduce the number of scrapped parts generated from incorrect installation of tanged inserts. Having a notch on both ends means KATO Tangless inserts can be repositioned (if installed too deep), or removed without any damage to the parent material, insert, or STI threads. Try that with a tanged insert!

Go Tangless

Not Convinced?

  • Tangless design means no tangs to break off, retrieve, or lose.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase tang-break off tools, or experience time loss due tanged retrieval from blind holes.
  • Substantial installation cost savings over conventional tanged helically-coiled inserts (CoilThread, Helicoil, Recoil, etc...).
  • NAS1130, NA0276 and NASM8846 Approval.
  • FOD-free installation for increased flight safety.
  • Quick and non-destructive insert removal and depth adjustment.
  • Bi-Directional design, no need to orient the insert for installation.

Look who's endorsing KATO Tangless CoilThread Inserts?

National Aerospace Standard Approved

KATO Tangless CoilThread Inserts are now the preferred design by many Aerospace and Defense companies. KATO Tangless CoilThread inserts have been thoroughly tested and scrutinized by independent testing facilities (test reports are available from KATO Support). The National Aerospace Standards Committee (NASC) published NAS1130 and NA0276 specifically for KATO Tangless CoilThread inserts. In addition, Tangless inserts were added to NASM8846 (the procurement specification for helically coiled screw thread inserts).


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